International Network for Alternative Academia

Alternative Academia is an international network of intellectuals, academics, independent scholars and practitioners committed to creating spaces, both within and beyond traditional academe, for creative, trans-disciplinary and critical thinking. The Network serves to facilitate experimental and collaborative encounters that blur the boundaries and broaden the limits of how issues, themes and ideas can be articulated and reconfigured. Dialogue, discussion and deliberation define both the methods employed and the ethics upheld by this network.

Our annual symposia are forums that foster the development of new frames of reference and innovative structures for the production and expansion of knowledge. These meetings are small in scale, intensely interactive and based on a dialogical model of academic engagement throughout the entire period of each symposium. All delegates are presenters and constitute a critical and engaged audience for all delegate presentations.

In the organization and development of our symposia we do not favor titles or positions, curriculums or achievements. Selection of delegates is not based on what they have done or titles amassed, but solely on the quality of their abstract proposals. Evaluation Committees decide without any information on the Potential Delegate and through a deliberative process that determines if the proposal advances the objectives of the research project.

We do not promote, support or produce hierarchy among delegates, such as keynote addresses or plenary speakers. We come together as equals interested in advancing projects and learning from each other, and follow the precepts of communicative ethics to create productive dynamics. Our working sessions are based and organized on the equality of speakers and delegates, and debates are conducted based on mutual respect, a communicative disposition and the virtue of arguments.

INAA is an independent, autonomous and not for profit organization, based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Registration Number: ESG65895088.


  • Love, Lust and Longing: Rethinking Intimacy, 7th International Symposium
  • Global Cities and Cosmopolitan Dreams, 3rd International Symposium
  • Creating Characters, Inventing Lives: The Art of the Self, 4th International Symposium
  • Otherness, Agency and Belonging, 6th International Symposium
  • Re-Founding Democracy, 3rd International Symposium

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