Postmodern Madness and the Reconstruction of Subjectivities, 1st International Symposium

September 4, 2014 – September 6, 2014

(Abstract Submission Period Opens: Monday 3rd of March, 2014)

(Abstract Deadline: Thursday 31st of July, 2014)

This symposium is organized by and is part of the activities of the Research Project on Postmodern Madness and the Reconstruction of Subjectivities. Among other projects it is hosted and developed within the Research Program on Space, Time and New Technologies of the Self.

This trans-disciplinary research project is interested in exploring the links between madness, subjectivity, and postmodern narratives. Or, from a different angle, we seek to investigate the ways postmodern discourses encompass ideals of madness in relation to the construction of subjectivity. Schizophrenia, paranoia, perversion, deviation are often called upon and incorporated in the construction of the postmodern subject. How are these terms used to construct subjectivities in cultures in which anxiety, unreason, and disorder are the norm? How is meaning refashioned to pass from 'clinical abnormality' to forms of social 'normality'? How is this concept employed in constructing the postmodern subject in literature, movies, music, photography, painting, and other forms of art?

The project tries to examine the concept of madness considering how it is linked to expressions of the self in postmodern discourses. Considering its relationship to deviance, difference and discourse, it explores how madness both shapes and is shaped by postmodern narratives and cultural framing.

These are the central themes we seek to explore:

1. Madness, Culture and Crisis

2. The Discourses of Madness

3.  Representations of Madness

4.  Madness and Coherence in Postmodern Cultures

5. Madness - Traversing Cultures

If you are interested in participating in this Annual Symposium, submit a 400 to 500 word abstract as soon as possible and no later than Thursday, 31st of July, 2014. (For justifiable cases, we do uphold a tolerance period of fifteen days.)

Evaluation of abstract submissions will be ongoing, from the opening date of Monday 3rd of March, 2014. All Prospective Delegates can expect a reply time to their submission of two weeks, maximum.

Accepted abstracts will require a full draft paper by Thursday 21st of August, 2014. Papers are for a 20 minute presentation, 8 to 10 pages long, double spaced, Times New Roman 12. All papers presented at the symposium are eligible for publication as part of a digital or paperback book.

For a detailed explanation of these themes and of the procedures for participating, please consult our Call for Papers.


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